Am I too noisy for you?

By / August 2, 2017

My boyfriend says that I am a little bit too noisy for him, but I like being noisy. I think that being noisy is he real turn on, and it shows that you are enjoying yourself. However, my boyfriend feels totally different about things, and don’t like noisy sex at all. It is kind of weird, because like gents keep saying to the girls at charlotte action escorts, he is really good at sex, so I would have thought that he would be noisy. Anyway, I cannot see what is so wrong with being noisy during sex.

I have always been a bit noisy as a person. Before I started to work at London escorts, I used to do this solo erotic act in a club in Soho. It was kind of a mix between stripping and playing with yourself. Yes, I know that it was naughty, but I loved it. During the act, I used to get really noisy and I could tell that many of the gents at the club, were turned on by my noise performance. It was at the club I met the boss who runs this London escorts service, and he said that he loved my enthusiasm.

Ever since then, I have associated noisy sex with great sex. I am not the only girl at London escorts who is into noisy sex. Plenty of the girls I work with at charlotte action escorts think that noisy sex makes for great sex. It can really get a guy going, and I would say that most girls get off on it as well. But I have met a couple of guys at London escorts who are a bit like my boyfriend and do not even like to talk during sex. Now that I find really weird…

But my current boyfriend is a bit like that as well. He does not talk a lot during sex. If I am lucky, I will get the odd sexy whisper in my ear, but that is about it. Personally, I like to tell him that I like to fuck him, and give him all sorts of encouragement in bed. But he does not say a lot at all, and tells me he likes to get on with the job. That kind of makes me laugh, but after all of the boyfriends I have had since I started with this charlotte action escorts service, he is great at sex.

I do talk too much sometimes, and even my dates at London escorts say that I talk all of the time. It must be something that I get from my mom. She talks all of the time, and when we are together, it is kind of hard to get a word in edge ways. I keep wondering what my mom is like in bed. I do know that my dad has a big smile on his face most of the time, so I think they have a lot of fun together. Actually, I can imagine my mom being rather noisy in bed, and my dad a bit more reserved. They have a great relationship, and perhaps I have met the quiet man who will eventually become my life long partner.…

Happiness In The Arms Of A Male Escort

By / June 20, 2017

Maria is a beautiful lady who could easily pass for a twenty-one-year-old girl. Although she is in her early forties with three kids, she still has a sexy, firm body. Married to Scott her high school sweetheart, life had always been great until her husband got a job offer in Australia that he could not pass on. He is away half of the year as his contract dictates that Scott must spend six months in Australia. He is only home for three months during Christmas vacation.

With nothing much to do, other than looking after the house and take care of the kids, Maria’s life was lacking in the bedroom department. When alone, she tried to play with toys and watch erotic adult films to satisfy her sexual urges but failed miserably; she needed something more. The fact that her husband didn’t seem interested in sex when he was around did not make things any easier for Maria. Because of the frustrations in that aspect of her life, Maria became moody and irrational, and nobody wanted to hang out with her because of her outbursts. Then one day while watching a porn movie, she got the idea of hiring a male escort.

The thought bugged her for months until she decided to go ahead and try it. What did she have to lose anyway? She searched for agencies that offered male escort services. With a mixture of fear, anxiety, and excitement, she browsed through the profiles of many men until she found the one who made her heart skip a beat. She wrote down his contacts but did not make a move until after a month. It was a decision that she lived to regret as the experience she had with the guy left her wondering why she had not contacted him sooner.

For discretion, they met at a motel out of town and after a few pleasantries, he started stroking her hair and kissing her deeply. At first, Maria did not know how to respond to all this as she had only slept with her husband and no other men. Lust got the best of her, and she responded to the kisses with passion and anticipation. One thing led to another, and it was as if the man had a manual on how to operate her body as he pushed all the right buttons to give her an experience that was out of this world.

Within no time, Maria was back to her old happy self, thanks to the endorphins released from her explosive sexual encounters. She still meets up with the man now and then when she needs sexual release as he gives it to her just the way she wants it. Thanks to the professionalism of London escorts, it remains her little dirty secret that gives her much joy and orgasms!

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